Author Topic: Hugelkultur Build Demonstration with Jason Lilley - 2014/Apr/13  (Read 3997 times)


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Sunday April 13th at 1:00 p.m. at the Garden Starters plots in Millbrook Marsh

Hugelkultur is the Old World way of building a raised bed using easily found materials. Hugelkultur beds nourish their crops by making nutrients in decaying matter accessible to growing plants and are also great at retaining water. This old technology combines thrift with a tried and true strategy of increasing soil fertility naturally, without the use of any chemicals or requiring back-breaking labor. Permaculturists and organic gardeners everywhere need to know about hugelkultur - come join us to learn more at this free workshop!

presented by Transition Town State College, as part of Earth Day Birth Day at Millbrook Marsh (, and State College Web Permaculture Meetup Group (