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2014/01/29 Steering Meeting
« on: January 30, 2014, 10:21:01 AM »
Websters @ 7:30 - 9:30pm
Attended: Bill, Theo, Jeff, Holly

- need a core group for the new "yes" people group
  - the "master plan" needs a more fluid title
  - Theo, Michael and Bill may look to seed the group
  - having sufficient time to succeed is a problem; core people are busy
  - we shouldn't try to have big meetings all the time; but do we need another one soon?
  - we have new leaf space, that may help
  - Bill looking to review the space and how it seems to work during the daytime
  - Theo is too busy to spare 10hrs/week
- "sustainable cities"
  - many are greenwashing, a few are good
- reinvention fund
  - to be announced Friday
  - discussion on the significance of the fund from the University
- how to make a "plan" work?  Coherence between town members?
  - do we call it something else?
- Milbrook Marsh
  - compost bed
  - course on how to manage the bed
  - hugelkulture bed in the works
  - Jason wants to promote community gardens
  - cover crops available?  Bill has field peas, rye, vetch
  - Holly is working on a sketch for what we might do
  - network of garden projects?
  - donate to clearwater and use their credit card to buy things tax free
  - make signs to describe what's going on in the beds, explain cover crops and permaculture
- various brainstorm ideas from before?
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