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2013/Oct/21 Steering Meeting
« on: October 22, 2013, 10:34:41 AM »
Attended: Jeff, Barb, Jackie, Michael, Bill, Matt, Holly
Time: 7:30pm - 9:46pm
Date: Oct 21, 2013
Place: New Leaf space on S. Frasier


- Barbara obtained the MoU for the hugelkultur project at Millbrook Marsh
- Michael describes his on campus geothermal retrofit proposal
- Jackie describes her status on the Morningstar permaculture proposal


- the Morningstar project and where that is at
- MATH report from Bill
- status of the November 19th presentation
- status of the home energy workshop Nov. 16th
- Garden Starters fall cleanup next Sunday
- review of our last two events
- DEP hearing for the PSU gas plant, and a brief recap of the Powershift youth climate conference Matt just returned from with a macroscopic picture of where the environmental movement (, sierra club) is going (mostly a win on KXL in the near term).
- We also have the harvest festival on the 3rd at Millbrook Marsh
- Inner Transition update.


- the Morningstar project and where that is at
  - Jackie emailed a bunch of people, and heard back from one person
  - She may ask help from David Reilly
    - need someone who knows the ins and outs of Penn State
      - want help in writing the grant, sizing stipends and such
  - do we want TTSC to be listed as a partner?  what does that mean?  so far, we like the idea
  - preliminary due date pushed back from today to Friday, 5pm
  - what can we offer Jackie?
    - grunt labor
    - Holly may give more active role next year
    - web skills
    - publicity
  - range for numbers, bare-bones+20%
  - only do zones 1 and 2 around the home in 1 year
  - some estimates may be low, thinks Bill
  - estimate for 10 day course
  - review proposals, get back to Jackie, she has until Friday
- MATH report from Bill
  - MATH report on Sunday, much like our last Inner Transition talk; folks are frustrated, but still hopeful
  - Omega institute, another example
  - getting core staff, non-profit org
    - Totnes had this from the beginning
    - folks in Omega, who is doing this is Oberlin ($100 million) and TT movement
  - Bedford NJ, live meeting (or was that Medford?)
  - 7 states + DC, 6 of them, 21 orgs; 20 people actively involved
  - looking at acquiring resources
  - Rob saying it for years, Paul Hawkins said it too, works differently in UK vs US; more socially compact in UK
  - generational strategies
  - apprenticeship; or even more leadership
  - our role in TTSC; other TT folks get excited by our mapping project
  - we are all stuck in the mud, but still with hope
  - Bill work to do:
    - community ecosystem mapping blog work
    - center sustainability news
    - Oberlin project
- Oberlin
  - Katherine Watt already picked it up as a news item
  - Oberlin is very central with social rights movement; Penn State is not
    - should we consider running candidates for the BoT?
  - Michael tried political route
  - DEP hearing Oct 30
  - rule of 72; double 18 years
  - lifecycle analysis of coal is about the same as natural gas for CO2
  - Matt to follow up with Michael
- for Nov 16 project: Matt, Jeff, Holly to discuss details offline
- Nov 19 in progress
  - 16~17 people key players identified
  - get info out there about why we should be doing this
- Garden Starters
  - next Sunday, noon, final season clean up
  - hugelkultur agreement already written out, Clearwater Conservancy is fine with it
    - 4 x 8' bed
  - Milbrook Marsh Fall harvest festival, Bill will have a table next to the Garden Starters raised beds
- PowerShift youth con report from Matt
  - 3rd year Matt has gone
  - biannual
  - previous focus was on green businesses
  - this year focus was entirely on environmental justice and racism side (e.g. immigration)
  - coalition of many orgs, including indigenous youth
    - some associated groups are moving towards violent means (as a last resort), others try to downplay that
  - various groups vary between environmental activism vs green jobs vs "chess masters" playing other groups as pawns
    - rich capitalists ("we can do it, because we're Americans!") vs folks fighting for immigration status
  - Matt's criticism, not enough emphasis on energy efficiency vs renewables (in the north, energy efficiency is more important)
    - food justice
  - divestment from fossil fuel movement had some presence, seeking endowments, $120 million was the largest
- We talk about various related topics, such as where we need to focus as a group...
  - we need to be more clear about where the money is going
    - look at local contractors doing energy efficiencies vs going first towards renewable energy sources that enrich wealthy corporations
- Oct 29, 7pm at Our Lady of Victory, is a neighborhood sustainability recommendations discussion


- Matt and Jeff tentatively decide on the schedule for the Energy Efficiency, Home Edition Part II program
  - start at 10, work for 3 hours, break for lunch, work for 3 hours, break for review, pictures
  - Michael offered to contribute a pizza towards lunch
  - The Penn State home game vs Purdue is that day, but the schedule is not yet released; better to give folks our schedule to plan around